Surfer films 8-foot bronze whaler shark in feeding frenzy among the waves

PERTH, Australia, July 14 (UPI) — An Australian surfer captured video of an 8-foot bronze whaler shark having a feeding frenzy in the waves at a popular beach.

Ryan Geddes recorded footage Tuesday of the bronze whaler shark engaged in a feeding frenzy while hunting bait fish at Tom’s Break at North Beach in Perth.

The footage shows the shark’s fin traveling across the surface of the water before the entirety of the predator appears inside a wave.

Geddes said the Department of Fisheries confirmed his footage shows a bronze whaler shark, also known as a copper shark, measuring an estimated 8 feet long.

Geddes said sharks have been sighted in the area on numerous occasions during “the past three weeks.”

“Still has not stopped me from surfing,” he said.

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