Larry Birkhead tells Steve Harvey what daughter knows about Anna Nicole Smith

LOS ANGELES, July 13 (UPI) — Larry Birkhead talked about what his daughter, Danielynn knows about her famous mother, Anna Nicole Smith, on the Steve Harvey Show.

“What does she know about her mom?” Harvey asked during an interview Tuesday.

“She knows that her mom was famous,” Birkhead replied, “and that people want to know about her, so, it’s different for her, my daughter, because it’s nothing for her to go past a story in the check-out stands, on the cover of magazines of her mom or herself or us or whatever and it’s a little different from your normal situation.

“But we make it, I make it as normal as I can,” Birkhead said on the show.

He said it is tough raising her by himself, that she has always known her mother, a reality television star, was famous and that everyone knows who she is.

“It makes me emotional when I think about everything we’ve been through,” Birkhead said, sitting in his home flanked by photos of Danielynn with her mother, who died
in 2007.


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