Khloe Lashes Out On Twitter After Being Accused Of Not “Helping Her Husband” Following Lamar’s Drunken Airplane Incident

Posted on Tue Jul 12th, 2016 12:55pm PDT       By X17 Staff

This girl has done everything she can, and she’s sick of the haters!

Khloe Kardashian just broke her silence on Lamar Odom’s drunken airplane meltdown, and she’s clapping back at trolls accusing her of not “helping her husband.” The reality star has tirelessly tried to help the troubled athlete recover from his October overdose and stay sober, but he seems unwilling to work on his addictions.

“Instead of running the streets with [Mr. Steal Your Girl] you need to be helping your HUSBAND,” tweeted a user, in reference to her new relationship with Trey Songz. “Stay in your f—ing lane little girl. You know nothing about anything. You’re a sheep herded by society,” the blonde beauty snapped back.

It wasn’t all nasty sentiments, though! A number of fans expressed their love and support of the E! starlet, and she took the time to respond to many of them. “You gave him your hand, he didn’t take it. Stay strong, you are our role model,” one person tweeted, to which she responded: Thank you sweet heart. I love you.”

Khloe deserves a medal for all she’s done for her estranged husband!

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