Emma Stone, Maya Rudolph perform ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ with butter tubs

LOS ANGELES, July 13 (UPI) — Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph paired Tuesday night to sing Call Your Girlfriend using butter tubs.

Stone, of La La Land and Office Ghosts, was a special guest on the finale of the variety series Maya Marty. She and Rudolph fashioned their rendition of the song after a black and white video of the Swedish band Erato performing the song with empty containers, E! News reported.

“I saw this thing on YouTube a couple years ago of these three girls in their kitchen in Sweden singing a song, playing butter tubs and I’ve been practicing ever since,” Rudolph quips. “No pressure, just two gals hanging out with butter tubs.”

Clapping and thumping the empty tubs as if they had practiced for days, both look very serious about their performance.The cover of Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend was sung in the style of Anna Kendrick‘s Cups, which featured plastic cups, according to a Facebook post.

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