Craigslist users offer ‘Pokemon Go’ chauffeur service for players

PORTLAND, Ore., July 13 (UPI) — Some savvy Craigslist users are looking to capitalize on the popularity of the free smartphone game Pokemon Go by offering to escort players to various points of interest.

One Portland, Ore., man shared an ad on Craigslist offering to drive Pokemon Go players around the area to visit pokestops and gyms, where players can collect in-game items and participate in battles, at a rate of $30 per person every two hours.

“I will drive you around Portland Metro area while you play Pokemon Go,” he wrote. “Rides will include snacks and beverages.”

Another listing in Baltimore, offering one-hour rides for $25, substituted drinks and snacks with the in-game benefit of helping players “hatch eggs” that can contain rare Pokemon.

The process of hatching eggs requires a player to walk a predetermined number of steps, but the listing offers to drive players around at a slow enough speed to fool their phone’s pedometers to make the process easier.


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