Bret Bielema joins Beyonce, Carmelo Anthony at Russell Wilson’s wedding

12:28 PM ET

HOOVER, Ala. — Bret Bielema is officially a celebrity.

The Arkansas coach was among a select group of people invited to England this summer to see his former quarterback Russell Wilson marry pop star Ciara in what many would call the wedding of the summer.

“The wedding was awesome,” Bielema said Wednesday. “We went to Liverpool for the wedding. It was in a castle.

Carmelo Anthony was there. He was standing next to Jimmy Graham, and I was sitting there saying to myself, ‘How good of a tight end could [Carmelo] have been?’ Jimmy is like 6-6 or 6-7, and Carmelo was noticeably much larger than him.”

When Bielema returned home, he was bragging to his players about all of the celebrities he saw — a group that included Anthony, Graham, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland among others.

“He told me about it the other day,” linebacker Brooks Ellis said. “It just sounded incredible. Carmelo Anthony was there, just a bunch of high-name guys. It was two nights. They had Earth, Wind and Fire playing for them, for like 100 people. That’s incredible.

“For Deatrich, Ciara was his childhood crush. Ciara was the woman everybody wanted to talk to. For Coach B to go to her wedding with someone he knows, that’s crazy.”

“I asked if he could invite me, but the message didn’t get to him until too late,” Wise said. “I should have hopped in the suitcase and said, ‘Surprise!'”

Bielema and his wife also made stops in London and Paris as a part of the trip.

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