Uganda grants bail to opposition leader Besigye on treason charge

KAMPALA, Uganda, July 12 (UPI) — Kizza Besigye, former Ugandan presidential candidate jailed on a treason charge, was granted bail Tuesday.

Besigye, 60, claimed victory in February’s presidential election and took his own oath of office in May, despite losing to incumbent Yoweri Musveni. Besigye was arrested moments after his self-styled inauguration, released and arrested again in May, and will be now released on $29,647 bail, the country’s High Court announced.

Uganda’s High Court warned Besigye to refrain from provoking violence. His party, the Forum for Democratic Change, continues its objection to the re-election of Musveni and continuance of his rule since 1986.

The start of the treason case has not been scheduled.

The bail hearing proceeded under tight security, with all roads leading to the court sealed off, and a heavy police presence.

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