Here’s what you might have missed while Giancarlo Stanton was destroying baseballs

1:57 AM ET

SAN DIEGO — During the player interview sessions on Monday, I asked Cole Hamels how he would make baseball more fun. “I don’t want to get in trouble here,” he said with a laugh, “but the All-Star Game shouldn’t count for anything. It should just be for fun.” Well, the Home Run Derby is just for fun! Fun is good! Here are nine things you may have missed:

1. Giancarlo Stanton was destroying baseballs! If you believe the soul of the cow still lives on in the cowhide used to make baseballs, I feel bad for the cow. Heck, I feel bad for the cork and the yarn. That was an awesome display of power. Kudos for Stanton electing to do the Derby when he wasn’t selected for the game. He could have taken four days off and relaxed on South Beach, but instead came to San Diego and gave the fans a show. It may even upstage tomorrow’s All-Star Game, kind of like what happened at Fenway in 1999.

2. This isn’t your older brother’s Petco Park. First of all, the fences were moved in a few years ago and Petco has actually played as a neutral home run park since 2013. We saw that the players had no issues clearing the fences. In fact, in the first round, only Robinson Cano failed to reach double digits. Corey Seager failed to advance with 15 home runs, and last year in Cincinnati no player hit 15 in the first round. At least that gave Padres fans a chance to chant “Beat L.A.! Beat L.A.!” when Seager was eliminated.

3. OK, Mark Trumbo didn’t advance to the final, but his first round got the crowd going. The ball just sounded different coming off his bat. Also, the ball went far.

Unfortunately, after that the stadium loudspeakers were turned up to “Standing next to a jet about to take off” volume and we couldn’t hear the sound of the crack of the bat. Why must everything be so loud? Why must there be a DJ in right field on a flashing cart? Or maybe I’m just old and flashing carts in right field and nonstop loud music will get kids wanting to play baseball.

4. Everybody wanted a picture with David Ortiz. As Mike Trout said earlier in the day, “Big Papi, I know you’re not retiring!”

5. Brotherly love above all. Hometown favorite Wil Myers lost his first-round matchup with Adam Duvall. No wonder.

6. Hey, it’s Harry and Lloyd. No, not Brian Cashman and Hank Steinbrenner. I kid, Yankees fans, I kid!

7. Frisbee-catching dogs mascots or sausage races or “Cotton-Eye Joe.” Just my opinion.

8. Revenge is sweet. Todd Frazier beat Stanton in the semis in 2014. That round was Β… 1 to 0. Let’s all pretend that never happened. This round was much better, with Stanton winning 20 to 13. You want the math? Here’s the math:

9. Even David Ortiz was impressed with Stanton. I think Big Papi is buying dinner for all the All-Stars after the game tomorrow.

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