‘Community’ creator Dan Harmon says movie ‘will happen’

LOS ANGELES, July 12 (UPI) — Community creator Dan Harmon is optimistic about a movie.

The 43-year-old writer and producer discussed plans for the project Monday on Larry King Now, more than 13 months after the sitcom’s series finale.

“I mean, it’ll make a great movie,” Harmon said when asked what form the story’s continuation would take. “It’ll happen.”

Community ran for five seasons on NBC and ended with a sixth season on Yahoo! Screen. Most of the show’s stars are now involved with different projects — a challenge Harmon addressed in the interview.

“If I pull out a typewriter right now and write a Community movie just for my own heart and mind, then I have to go through the heartbreak and agony of finding out which of the people are going to show up to make it,” he said.

“On the other hand, if I wait for everybody to line up and say, ‘We’re all out of work and ready to do a Community movie,’ then I guess that’s a bad idea, too,” the writer added.

Community starred Joel McHale as a lawyer who enrolls in community college after it is discovered he faked his bachelor’s degree. The 44-year-old actor was enthusiastic about a movie when he spoke to Esquire in 2015.

“I really do think there’ll be a movie,” he said. “I think what has to happen is that Dan needs to write the script. It’s a tall order for someone … [but] the cast would do it. We would all do it.”

Harmon is also known for creating Rick and Morty, which will return on Adult Swim this year. McHale is presently working on several series, including The Great Indoors with Stephen Fry and Dimension 404 with Lea Michele.


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