Snoop Dogg misses top answer about marijuana on ‘Family Feud’

ATLANTA, July 11 (UPI) — Surprising much of the studio audience, iconic rapper Snoop Dogg, known for his love of the ganja, missed the top answer on a celebrity version of Family Feud when asked what grandma would do if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana.

Snoop hit the buzzer first, but only came up with the fourth most popular answer. “Put hands on him,” the rapper told host Steve Harvey. World renowned boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, competing against Snoop Dogg, also missed the top answer, but got the number two most popular answer saying grandma would scream at grandpa.

The YouTube video posted on the episode didn’t reveal the number one answer.

Just last year, Snoop Dogg released a new line of cannabis oils, flowers and edibles during a suburban house party in Denver.

The long-time marijuana advocate launched his company Leafs By Snoop. He allowed colleagues, activists, journalists and neighbors to be the first try the new products.

The rapper was in the news in May when he announced he would boycott the Roots series revival, saying “They just want to keep showing the abuse that we took.”

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