More than 1,200 women were assaulted on New Year’s Eve in Germany

COLOGNE, Germany, July 11 (UPI) — More than 1,200 women were sexually assaulted across Germany on New Year’s Eve, according to a terrifying new report in German media.

More than 600 women were assaulted in Cologne and about another 400 assaulted in Hamburg Dec. 31 by about 2,000 men, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported Sunday.

The paper obtained a leaked police document that identified 120 suspects, most of whom were non-Germans.

At least 90 women filed police reports in January claiming sexual assault and one reported being raped.

Nearly 1,000 men were identified as possible suspects when the investigation began, with four already convicted and several more trials to come.

A 50-page report by the Federal Office of Criminal Investigations dispels the common belief that the assaults happened only in Cologne and actually happened in multiple German cities that night.

Groups of men were reportedly responsible for many of the crimes, but the report concludes that there are simply too many men involved for them all to be brought to justice.

“We need to assume that many of the perpetrators will not be investigated,” said Holger Münch, head of the Federal Office of Criminal Investigations.

The report also concludes what is sure to maintain racial tensions and anti-immigrant feeling in Germany, stating “there is clearly a connection between the appearance of this phenomenon and the mass immigration of 2015.”


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