Police: Grocery shopper left bag of cocaine on self-checkout scanner

ASPEN, Colo., July 8 (UPI) — A Colorado police department is trying to find a shopper who left a bag behind at a self-checkout scanner — a bag of cocaine.

The Aspen Police Department said in a Facebook post a shopper at “a local grocery store” noticed the person in front of them had left the small baggie of cocaine on the scanner in the self-checkout lane.

“With the cost of white powdery substances these days, probably somebody got home and spent the next 15 minutes going through their pockets, over and over,” the post said. “Now we really try to take care of lost and found property like it is our own, putting a lot of effort into returning iPhones, wallets, passports, etc. But, if this is your property, we’re going to leave it up to you to come and collect it.”

“Can I get a price check on lane 3? #Aspenproblems.”

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