Baby beaver rescued from Canadian golf course takes a bath

CALGARY, Alberta, July 8 (UPI) — A baby beaver was able to cool down with a bath after it was discovered and rescued at a Canadian golf course.

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation shared video of the beaver enjoying “pool time” after it was found orphaned and with an injured tail under a tree at a golf course in Calgary.

“Our suspicion is that he was picked up by a predator and then dropped,” executive director Holly Duvall told the CBC. “It’s not normal at this age for beaver kits to be separated from their parents. They’re very bonded.”

The beaver, which AIWC staff estimate to be about four to six weeks old, can be seen happily grooming itself in the pool where beavers often enjoy spending time.

“He’s pretty typical for a baby beaver. They love their pool time,” Duval said. “He loves to groom afterwards which is a great sign.”

The beaver is the only one presently under the care of the AIWC, who are exploring possible options for his long-term care.

“If all goes well, we anticipate that we’ll have to have him in care for two to three years,” said Duvall.

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