John Cena responds to popular #BeatUpJohnCena started by AJ Styles, says he will ‘never waiver’

COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 7 (UPI) — Professional wrestler John Cena has responded to a popular hashtag making the rounds on social media, #BeatUpJohnCena, started by his rival AJ Styles.

“Strength; the ability to resist being broken by force,” the Cenation leader wrote on Twitter Wednesday about how he was weathering the adversity.

“Everyday life will #BeatUpJohnCena never waiver, never collapse, #NeverGiveUp,”

Styles started the hashtag Monday on Raw when the Phenomenal One, alongside his Club partners Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, ticked off the different ways they would “beat up John Cena.”

Fans quickly flocked to Twitter where they to began to explain creatively how and when they would #BeatUpJohnCena. “When it’s time to #BeatUpJohnCena and you’re almost late,” wrote fan Ben Talks Wrestling alongside a photo of referee Charles Robinson running to the ring.

“Its gonna be a productive day in the office. #BeatUpJohnCena,” user The Bad Guy added on Twitter alongside a photo of his daily to do list at work, which ended with beating up John Cena.

The rivalry will continue into WWE Battleground, set to take place July 24 in a tag-team match that will see Styles and The Club taking on Cena alongside Enzo Amore and Big Cass.


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