Escaped kangaroo eludes police in Austria for two weeks

GAMILZ, Austria, July 7 (UPI) — A runaway kangaroo in Austria — yes, Austria — is becoming a social media star by posing for photos and videos taken by confused locals.

Nanni the kangaroo escaped a private enclosure in Gamilz about two weeks ago alongside a second marsupial, Hanni, and has continued to elude capture long after Hanni was returned home.

Police said the kangaroo, which apparently escaped when children left her enclosure’s gate open, was briefly secured by police earlier this week, but she was able to jump over the side of the cage and return to freedom.

The kangaroo has been spotted around the area by shocked and confused residents, many of whom managed to snap photos or record video later shared on social media.

Local woman Rene Bacher said she spotted the ‘roo while driving to work on a recent morning.

“At first I thought that my eyes were playing a trick on me. But when I pulled up directly nearby, I was certain,” she told the┬áKleine Zeitung newspaper.

The kangaroo’s owner is offering a $165 reward for information on the kangaroo’s current location.

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