Emily Ratajkowski fires back at Piers Morgan for nude photo comments

LOS ANGELES, July 8 (UPI) — Emily Ratajkowski and Piers Morgan duked it out on Twitter over Ratajkowski’s recent feature in Harper’s Bazaar.

Ratajkowski spoke candidly about body shaming and feminism — and she posed nude, which Morgan took to Twitter to complain about.

“Do you want me to buy you some clothes,” Morgan tweeted. “You look freezing.”

“Thanks, but I don’t need clothes as much as you need the press,” the 25-year-old model/actress shot back.

Ratajkowski, most known for her role as Ben Affleck‘s girlfriend in Gone Girl, told the magazine about another time she took offense to Morgan’s remarks.

“I didn’t know her personally, but Kim (Kardashian) posted this naked selfie in March, and there were black bars on her private areas,” Ratajkowski said. “And there was this uproar, especially from Piers Morgan, who wrote this whole thing about ‘she’s a mother, she’s 35, it’s ridiculous…'”

Ratajkowski’s support of Kardashian’s nude selfie led the two to post a similar selfie together, except with their middle fingers raised.

Ratajkowski also touched on the double standard she’s experienced in terms of nudity and sexuality in Hollywood.

“You know, when Lena Dunham takes her clothes off, she gets flack, but it’s also considered brave; when Justin Bieber takes his shirt off, he’s a grown-up,” she said. “But when a woman who is sexual takes off her top, it plays into something.”

Morgan, in an attempt to clarify, said, “My only issue is Ms Ratajowski’s claim that her stripping’s in the name of feminism. It’s in the name of money.”

Ratajkowski’s interview appears in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

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