Homeless man charged with murder of U.S. college student in Rome

ROME, July 5 (UPI) — A homeless man was arrested Tuesday and charged with the murder of American college student Beau Solomon in Rome.

Massimo Galioto, 40, was arrested and charged with aggravated murder. Police said earlier that Galioto was “seriously implicated” in Solomon’s death.

Solomon, 19, was reported missing on June 30, the day after his arrival in Rome. A University of Wisconsin student, he was to begin a summer exchange program at Rome’s John Cabot University, but did not show up for an orientation the morning after his arrival. A colleague said he and Solomon spent the evening at a local bar.

His murdered body, with a head wound, was found in Rome’s Tiber River. His family in Spring Green, Wis., reported that thousands of dollars had been charged to his credit card. Solomon’s body was found without a wallet or cellphone, suggesting robbery was a motive, police said.

Two witnesses said they saw a man being pushed into the river on the night of Solomon’s disappearance, prompting the murder investigation.

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