Army veteran shoots through rope to free trapped eagle

RUSH CITY, Minn., July 6 (UPI) — A Minnesota woman said her U.S. Army veteran husband used his sharpshooting skills to free an eagle trapped in a rope.

Jackie Gervais Galvin said in a Facebook post her husband, Jason, noticed an eagle tangled in a rope in a high branch of a tree near their Rush City home last week.

Galvin said conservation officers with the state Department of Natural Resources and officials with the University of Minnesota Raptor Center told the couple there was nothing they could do to help the eagle, which they believed to be dead.

Galvin said she and her husband could tell the bird was still moving, so she encouraged him to use a neighbor’s .22-caliber rifle and his sharpshooting skills to break through the rope.

“I told Jason he had to shoot it free! He was nervous as he didn’t want to get in trouble for shooting at an eagle but I know with his sharp shooter skills that if anyone would save this eagle it was him!” Galvin wrote.

Galvin said it took Jason 150 rounds to free the eagle, which finally fell to earth.

“We wrapped him in a blanket and put him in our dog kennel and the DNR brought him to meet the Raptor Center Vet. It sounds like the eagle will recover perfectly and at 150 rounds shot,┬áJason┬ánever once hit the bird,” the post said.

Galvin said she and Jason hope to be present for the eagle’s release back into the wild.

“We named the eagle Freedom and hope to be able to release him near his home once he is back to health!” she wrote.

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