‘The Warriors’ is being adapted for television by Marvel directors the Russo Brothers

LOS ANGELES, July 6 (UPI) — Marvel cinematic universe directors Joe and Anthony Russo are now set to adapt cult-favorite film The Warriors for television.

According to Deadline, the Russo Brothers will turn the film into a one-hour drama along with Paramount TV and streaming service Hulu.

The Russo Brothers are expected to direct the pilot but there is no word yet on how far they are committed to directing beyond that.

The duo have made a name for themselves recently directing Captain America: Winter Solider and Captain America: Civil War for Disney and Marvel. They will be in the director’s chair again for the upcoming Avengers sequel, Infinity War.

Orginally released in 1979, The Warriors is based on the Sol Yurick novel of the same name and follows a New York City gang as they attempt to make it back home as rival gangs hunt them down after they are wrongly framed for murder. Considered a cult-classic, the film featured colorful characters, memorable one-liners and a unique brand of violence.

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