Goodbye to the BlackBerry Classic as the company discontinues the model

BlackBerry’s announced that it’s getting rid of its Classic model, despite boasting it has “physical keyboard that rivals no other”.

The company says it’s finally given in to competition from the smartphone.

“Sometimes it can be very tough to let go,” Ralph Pini, from BlackBerry said in a blog post.

“For BlackBerry, and more importantly for customers, the hardest part is accepting that change makes way for new and better experiences.”

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“It has been an incredible workhorse device for customers, exceeding all expectations. But, the Classic has long surpassed the average lifespan for a smartphone in today’s market.

“We are ready for this change so we can give our customers something better – entrenched in our legacy in security and pedigree in making the most productive smartphones.”
BlackBerry's announced it's getting rid of it's Classic model despite boosting it has physical keyboard that rivals no other.

But what if you want to keep your BlackBerry?

“For now, if the Classic is still your device of choice, please check with your carriers for device availability or purchase Classic unlocked online.

“We continue to actively support BlackBerry 10 with software updates and are on track to deliver version 10.3.3 next month with a second update to follow next year.”

But some customers have already moved on.

Meanwhile, an internal US Senate memo sent by IT staff said BlackBerry had told major US carriers Verizon Communications Inc and ATT Inc that all BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry 10 had been discontinued.

The memo said the Senate’s mobile communications services department had just over 600 BlackBerry devices in stock at the end of June, including 320 Classic devices.

The other models referenced as discontinued include the Passport, with a physical keyboard, and the Z10 and Z30 touchscreen models.

BlackBerry Passport

Asked specifically about the memo, a BlackBerry spokeswoman said the company’s device strategy was cross-platform and it would continue to support BlackBerry 10 phones.

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