Emotionally needy kangaroo clings to his rescuer

ALICE SPRINGS, Australia, July 6 (UPI) — An Australian wildlife rescuer shared video of a young and emotionally needy kangaroo refusing to let go of his favorite human.

The video, posted to The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs page on Facebook, shows the rescue’s proprietor, a man named Brolga, trying in vain to walk away from an orphaned kangaroo dubbed Little Johanssen.

The kangaroo clings to Brolga’s arm while the man tries to pull away and insists he is “coming back.”

Brolga eventually slips Johanssen’s grip, but the kangaroo hops along the path behind the man instead of waiting for him to return.

“Little Johanssen doesn’t want me to go. So I make sure he always gets lots of cuddles,” Brolga wrote.

Brolga, known in Australia as “Kangaroo Dundee,” previously made viral waves when he was filmed holding a wombat that suffered severe flatulence while TV cameras were rolling.

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