Boaters toss flotation vest to struggling raccoon in Maryland waters

ROCK HALL, Md., July 6 (UPI) — A group of boaters in Maryland who encountered a distressed raccoon struggling in the water tossed the animal a flotation device and towed it to shore.

A video posted to YouTube by user DeltaBlues3 shows the raccoon struggling to swim near the boat in Swann Creek and climbing atop a flotation vest tossed into the water by the people on the vessel.

The uploader said the raccoon, which the boaters nicknamed Rocky, was towed to shore and released on dry land.

“During the early morning hours of July 4, 2016, one of our crew aboard our boat heard a yelping sound and at first it sounded like birds overhead,” the video’s description reads. “Several hours later we finally found the source of the cry — a young raccoon treading water on the side of the boat. Not wanting to pick it up out of the water, we threw it a life preserver to climb upon and then towed it to land.”


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