Google celebrates NASA’s Juno probe reaching Jupiter with new Doodle

PASADENA, Calif., July 5 (UPI) — Google has welcomed the arrival of NASA’s Juno spacecraft into Jupiter’s orbit with a new Doodle.

The animated Doodle features a pixelated version of NASA’s ground crew celebrating the mission’s success as Juno, takes the ‘O” spot in Google right above Jupiter.

The feat was accomplished by NASA Monday after years or preparation and a five-year, 500 million mile journey for Juno.

Juno will orbit our solar system’s largest planet for 53 days and dive beneath its intense radiation belts to detail the planet’s gravitational fields and interior structure. The information will reveal how Jupiter was formed and help provide clues about Earth’s own beginnings.

NASA will also be collecting a series of new photos and measurements of Jupiter taken by Juno’s nine instruments.


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