Eurozone gets a look at its new 50 euro bill

FRANKFURT, Germany, July 5 (UPI) — The new design of the Eurozone’s 50 euro banknote, ready for circulation in April 2017, was unveiled Tuesday by the European Central Bank.

The new bill features a hologram in a “portrait window,” which shows the Greek goddess Europa if the bill is held to the light at a precise angle. It also includes a variety of other anti-counterfeiting features.

Currently valued at $55.38, the 50 euro bill is the most widely used note in the euro series, used as currency by 338 million people; it accounts for 45 percent of all euros in circulation.

Some elements of the design disappear under infrared and ultraviolet light, and a serial number on the orange front changes color when the bill is tilted.

Yves Mersch, European Central Bank Yves board member, said the new bill’s “state-of-the-art security features help protect our money.”

“It is part of our continued efforts to preserve the euro as a stable currency.”

The redesigned note depicts architectural styles of windows on the front, and bridges on the back.

The ECB and 500 partners across Europe, also arranged that money-handling machines and authentication devices are prepared for the new money, as well as euro spenders, who can obtain an assortment of educational tools on the new bill.

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