Disobedient dog refuses to return owner’s cellphone

TULLYSKEHERNY, Ireland, July 5 (UPI) — An Irish woman captured video of her brother’s struggle with a mischievous golden retriever that ran off with his phone.

The video, posted to Facebook by Eimear O’Donnell, shows the golden retriever, Beau, running from O’Donnell’s brother, Sean, after swiping the man’s phone.

The video shows Beau dodge Sean for more than a minute while carrying the phone and refusing orders to “sit down.”

“The worlds worst dog…and I still wouldn’t change him,” O’Donnell wrote on Facebook.

She told website Joe.ie the phone was eventually returned to Sean undamaged.

“The phone was still intact,” she said. “He’s constantly running off with things, he had one of our chickens in his mouth 10 minutes later.”

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