Colorado ‘ghost town’ listed for $350,000 on Craigslist

BYERS, Colo., July 5 (UPI) — The owner of a Colorado “ghost town” is offering the property, complete with a service station and a motel, for sale on Craigslist.

James Johnson placed on ad on Craigslist offering the “ghost town” of Cabin Creek, located near Byers in Adams County, for $350,000.

Cabin Creek includes an old service station with a large garage, a cafe, a motel, a small house, a private shooting range and an RV parking area.

“Have a huge family? Want to start a business? Need a huge shop? Racing Fans? Fix and flip? Just want acreage out of town? Own it all,” the listing reads.

“We’ve had so many people look. It’s been amazing,” Johnson told KDVR-TV.

Johnson purchased the property decades ago, after it had already been dormant for several years.

“The couple who owned the town and ran the cafe served the best chicken fried steak in the state,” Byers resident and former Cabin Creek regular Joan Lippett said.

“There was a murder there. There was some people that they took in, felt sorry for or something, and they found out the couple had money,” Lippett said. “Then everything just, literally, there was nobody here, so these buildings sat totally vacant. Nothing going on out here for a number of years.”

Johnson said he had originally intended to turn the ghost town into a roadside attraction, but he is now selling it to fund his retirement with his wife.

“We’re looking at Idaho or Montana I think.  We’re ready to get out of town even farther than this,” Johnson said.

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