Australian election inches toward final count with Turnbull likely to hold office

CANBERRA, Australia, July 5 (UPI) — The Australian general election inched toward a final result on Tuesday with six seats in parliament still up for grabs, and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull likely to retain his job, but with a minority government.

The Coalition could be close to forming a government after the latest Fairfax Media projection showing it has won 72 seats, four short of a majority. The races for the remaining six seats are still too close to call.

Turnbull said on Tuesday he takes full responsibility for a campaign result that could result in a “hung parliament” and cost him is job, though he was confident Coalition would get the seats to form a majority.

Turnbull’s office also denied accusations made by opposition leader Bill Shorten that Turnbull would hold a new, snap election after the unclear result.

Vote counting is expected to pick up Wednesday yet, the results for some seats might not be known until the middle of the month.

The electoral commission must allow votes received up to 13 days after the election. Some votes also take longer because they have been sent from overseas.

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