Sources: Thunder mull options with Westbrook

2:23 PM ET

The Oklahoma City Thunder potentially have a major decision to make with Russell Westbrook after the departure of Kevin Durant.

One option the team is considering is attempting to renegotiate and extend the contract of Westbrook before he can become a free agent after next season, sources told ESPN.

Players react to Durant joining Warriors

After Kevin Durant shared his first-person piece in which he announced he was joining the Golden State Warriors, NBA players — and rapper Lil B — reacted on Twitter.

If Westbrook chooses not to extend his contract this summer, multiple league executives told ESPN they believe the Thunder will consider fielding trade offers for Westbrook.

In the wake of Durant’s departure, however, the Thunder were planning to take some time before making roster decisions.

With Durant going to the Golden State Warriors, the Thunder can make some moves to free cap space to keep Westbrook long term. The All-Star guard is slated to earn $17.8 million this season, is eligible to add up to $8 million to his contract and can add years to the deal and take himself off the free agent market in 2017.

With the salary cap expected to leap again next summer, however, Westbrook would stand to earn more money by waiting and signing a new contract with the Thunder or another team next summer.

Because of the type of contract Durant has decided to take with Golden State — one year with a player option — the Thunder cannot sign-and-trade him, meaning they will receive nothing in return for losing their franchise player.

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