Baghdad bombing death toll jumps to at least 165

BAGHDAD, July 4 (UPI) — The death toll in Sunday’s fiery suicide bomb attack in Baghdad has jumped to at least 165, interior ministry officials said.

Three official days of mourning have been declared after the blast, which also injured at least 225 people when a car bomb detonated in the busy Karrada shopping district of Iraq’s capital city as families prepared for the end of Ramadan. The Islamic State claimed responsibility.

The bombing was the deadliest single attack on Baghdad since 2007, Mohamed al-Rubayeā€ˇ, deputy head of the Baghdad Provincial Council’s security committee, said on Afaq TV Monday.

CNN reported a death toll as high as 200 people, with 81 bodies so charred, DNA testing is required to properly identify them.

A second bombing occurred hours later at an outdoor market in the southeastern section of the capital, killing one person and wounding five others, police said.

The bombings indicate rising tensions between Sunnis and Shiites.

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