Fence-climbing alligator caught on camera at Florida country club

FORT MYERS, Fla., June 30 (UPI) — An acrobatic alligator at a Florida county club was recorded showing off his skills by swiftly climbing over a wire fence topped with barbed wire.

Eric Gilbert posted a video to YouTube showing the approximately 8-foot-long alligator making quick work of the chain-link fence at the Hideaway County Club in Fort Myers and crawling between the top of the fence and its barbed wire.

Gilbert told WINK-TV the gator is known as Tom to regulars and makes frequent appearances.

He said the video solved the mystery of Tom’s entrances and exits.

“I didn’t know they could jump straight over a fence,” he said.

Jeff Wilson, a manager at the country club, said he is looking into gator-proofing the fence after seeing Gilbert’s video.

The alligator “wiggled some of the poles up a little bit,” Wilson told WBBH-TV . “In fact, he went over barbwire too, which is pretty amazing, but of course, alligator skin is pretty tough.”

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