‘Eat Pray Love’ author Elizabeth Gilbert announces separation from husband

FRENCHTOWN, N.J., July 1 (UPI) — In a post on Facebook, author Elizabeth Gilbert announced that she and husband Jose Nunes are separating after 12 years.

The couple, whose story was chronicled in the “love” section of Gilbert’s best selling novel – and subsequent movie – Eat Pray Love, met in Bali, Indonesia, while Gilbert was traveling the world following her divorce from her first husband.

Gilbert followed Eat Pray Love with the book Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage, which dealt with her marriage to Nunes.

“I am separating from the man many of you know as ‘Felipe’ – the man whom I fell in love with at the end of the Eat Pray Love journey,” she wrote on Facebook. “He has been my dear companion for over 12 years, and they have been wonderful years. Our split is very amicable. Our reasons are very personal.”

The Eat Pray Love film was released in 2010 and featured Julia Roberts as Gilbert and Javier Bardem as Nunes.

Other cast members included Billy Crudup, Richard Jenkins, Viola Davis, and James Franco.

Gilbert’s most recent book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, was published in 2015 and serves as a how-to guide on living a creative live.


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