John Cena meme comes to life in hidden camera prank

LOS ANGELES, July 1 (UPI) — A popular internet meme featuring John Cena has come to life as the WWE Superstar surprised fans as part of hidden camera prank for Cricket Wireless.

“I have invaded the internet on a sometimes annoying meme,” Cena states before the pranks begin in a new clip. “Thanks to Cricket Wireless, today we get to make that meme real.”

The cell phone carrier then gathered a group of John Cena super fans and had them audition as part of a fake commercial for an upcoming WWE themed Cricket Wireless store.

As each fan described what they liked most about the 15-time World Heavyweight Champion, Cena would then burst through a Cricket Wireless sign accompanied by a group of trumpets playing a version of his theme song.

Cena’s sudden appearance overwhelmed some fans who ran immediately into his arms or fell down onto the floor like one fan in particular who noted how he would “risk a limb” to meet Cena.

The surprise was inspired by a frequently used internet meme and prank in which Cena would suddenly appear alongside his theme music in completely unrelated videos or web content.

On Wednesday, Cena endorsed late night host Jimmy Kimmel for Vice President of the United States stating jokingly “This man entertains millions of people, pays his taxes, eats hot dogs and lights off fireworks with his teeth! It doesn’t get more American than that!”

The endorsement comes after Kimmel started the faux campaign back in May promising that as Vice President he would welcome Halle Berry into the White House anytime, make Game of Thrones less confusing and let American decide if they wanna eat ice cream sandwiches for lunch.

Cena will next be seen outside the WWE hosting the 24th annual ESPYS which will air live on ABC on July 13 at 8 p.m. ET from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

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