Emma Watson’s Tina Turner ringtone interrupts interview

LONDON, June 30 (UPI) — During a televised interview with ITV’s Mark Heyes, Emma Watson‘s phone started – loudly – blaring the sounds of Tina Turner‘s 1989 hit “Steamy Windows.”

An embarrassed Watson quickly silenced her phone as Heyes told her it was the best ringtone he’s ever heard.

“Thank you,” Watson said laughing. “I’m glad I’m forgiven because of Tina Turner.”

The call came while Watson was discussing her role in the new film Colonia, where Watson plays a woman in 1970s Chile who is on a desperate search for her abducted boyfriend and finds herself in the middle of a cult from which no one has ever escaped.

Also on the horizon for the Harry Potter alum is the live action remake of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. Watson waltzes into theaters as Belle in 2017.

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