Grizzly kills cyclist on Montana trail

BILLINGS, Mont., June 30 (UPI) — A grizzly bear attacked and killed a cyclist on Wednesday, just outside Glacier National Park, police said.

Brad Treat, a 38-year-old officer with the US Forest Service was killed after he and another cyclist disturbed the bear in the Halfmoon Lakes area of the Flathead National Forest. When the bear knocked the officer off his bike, the other cyclist rode to get help. A search is on for the bear and the area remains closed, Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry said.

Wednesday’s attack was only the 11th since the park opened in 1910. Fish and Wildlife Service are planning to remove grizzlies from the threatened species list.

With more than 1,000 bears, Northwest Montana has the largest U.S. grizzly bear population outside of Alaska, the Flathead Beacon reports.


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