GOP could push their own ‘no-fly, no-buy’ bill next week

WASHINGTON, June 30 (UPI) — The House will push for an anti-terrorism package next week that includes a prohibiting terrorists from buying guns, NBC is reporting.

Much about the legislation in unknown, but will likely have provisions attempting to prevent radicalization and recruitment of potential terrorists and include a Republican version of a “no-fly, no buy” gun bill.

The House is also expected to vote on a separate bill on gun violence prevention through improved mental health care.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said GOP leadership is also working to prevent House Democrats from another protest like the sit-in they staged last week over congressional inability to pass any gun control legislation.

The Senate voted down four partisan gun bills. Another bipartisan bill sponsored by Senator Susan Collins, R-Maine, could be considered, but has little chance of passing.

Collins’ plan would ban sales to people on the no-fly list and watch lists. A bipartisan house version of essentially the same bill was introduced last week and could be chosen by Ryan, but its prospects are unknown.

The NRA tried to block Collins’ bill, charging it only allowed due process for the potential buyer after they were denied the gun, instead of before.

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