Giant hammerhead shark visits swimmers in Bahamas

NASSAU, Bahamas, June 30 (UPI) — A cruise boat captain captured video of a giant hammerhead shark visiting some swimmers at a marina in the Bahamas.

The video, posted to Facebook by Aqua Cat Cruises, shows a great hammerhead shark swimming around the Hurricane Hole Marina on Paradise Island.

The footage, filmed by Captain Des Greyling, shows a group of swimmers fall into formation with the mammoth shark and follow it for a short time.

“Captain Des captured this amazing footage of the great hammerhead as it cruised thru the Hurricane Hole Marina where the Aqua Cat is docked,” the post said. “The Bahamas National Trust later used our image as the cover for their educational posting to protect this giant gentle. Pretty cool stuff!”

The great hammerhead may have been the same 14-foot shark seen swimming close to shore last week. The Bahamas National Trust said in a Facebook post that great hammerheads are an important part of the region’s ecosystem and rarely pose any danger to humans.

Greyling said he hopes the video helps educate the public about hammerheads.

“The more people we can reach and show there is no cause for alarm the better, especially in cultures that have been predisposed to generations of irrational logic about the dangers of our beautiful marine creatures,” Greyling wrote in an email to UPI.


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