Margay cat gets implanted plates, purple casts to save injured legs

TUNJA, Colombia, June 27 (UPI) — A wild margay cat that suffered numerous leg injuries in an animal attack underwent surgery in Colombia to repair its legs, which are now protected by tiny purple casts.

The Corpoboyaca wildlife agency said in a Facebook post the cat was rescued by villagers who found what they believed to be a baby jaguar drowning in a creek.

The cat, which apparently ended up in the creek while escaping an attack from another animal or animals, was later identified as a margay, a smaller species of cat native to Central and South American forests.

The wildlife agency said the injuries to two of the margay’s legs were severe enough for veterinarians to consider amputation, but they decided to attempt to save the cat’s limbs.

The University Foundation Juan de Castellanos used implanted plates to repair the fractures in a three-hour surgery, the post said.

The margay is now recovering with the help of purple casts on her legs.

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