France launches manslaughter inquiry into EgyptAir MS804 crash

PARIS, June 27 (UPI) — French prosecutors have launched a manslaughter investigation into the crash of an EgyptAir jet last month.

The cause of the crash into the Mediterranean Sea on May 19 remains unknown. Although terrorism has not been ruled out, the prosecutor’s office said the inquiry was an accident investigation. It has opened the full investigation after a preliminary inquiry.

Flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo crashed in the Mediterranean Sea between Crete and the northern coast of Egypt, killing all 66 people on board.

Because 15 French citizens were onboard, France Info reported it was a conventional procedure to investigate.

The two black boxes of the Airbus A320 were found, French authorities said June 17, but investigators have been unable to download any material from the computer chips. They were to be sent to France for repairs, the investigators said.


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