Texas bee specialist finds huge colony inside old trailer tire

HOUSTON, June 24 (UPI) — A Houston-area bee removal expert shared video showing how a heavy-duty tire on a disused trailer became home to thousands of honeybees.

Tom Brueggan posted a video to YouTube showing the colony he discovered when he was called to remove bees from a farmer’s property.

Brueggan discovered the bees had used a cracked tire on the trailer, which had not seen use in years, as their hive and filled it with honeycombs.

The bee expert said he had some trouble getting into the tire because of steel belts in the rubber sidewall, but he was able to cut a large enough window to allow him to work.

Brueggan used a bee-repelling substance to drive the insects out of the tire and into a box.

“Eventually I saw the queen walk out along the sidewall on her way to the box and I nabbed her!” he wrote in the video’s description.

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