Firefighters rescue dog trapped inside toilet

MENGZI, China, June 24 (UPI) — Firefighters in China rescued a dog that somehow became trapped inside a squat toilet at its owner’s home.

Video of the rescue in Mengzi, Yunnan Province, shows the dog’s face peering up at firefighters through the toilet drain.

A firefighter dons a glove and reaches into the toilet to pull the dog up through the hole.

The firefighter ends up needing help from a second firefighter to raise the canine head-first from the narrow opening.

The canine, appearing wet but uninjured, is reunited with its owner.

San Diego authorities faced a different sort of animal-in-the-toilet last month when a baby opossum was found swimming in a woman’s toilet bowl.

Wildlife wranglers in Australia have also noted a trend in toilet-bound animals — in their case, snakes.

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