Bear flees on two legs while carrying stolen garbage bag

ISSAQUAH, Wash., June 24 (UPI) — A mother bear in Washington state was filmed digging through a resident’s trash and running off on her hind legs while clutching a bag of garbage.

The video, posted to the Bear Smart WA group on Facebook, was filmed from a Issaquah neighbor’s window and shows the bear digging through an outside trash can across the street and running off upright while clutching the garbage bag in her front paws.

“When she got up on two legs and carried the garbage bag, I would have sworn it was a person in a bear suit!” a resident told the group.

The mama bear eventually switches to carrying the bag in her mouth and walks on all four legs, showing her hind-leg walking was not the result of injuries similar to those suffered by New Jersey’s famous Pedals the bipedal bear.

“Bear Smart WA and [Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife] would like to remind residents to please store garbage in the garage until the morning of pick up, and stow bird feeders until Winter,” the Facebook post said.

Department of Fish and Wildlife Sgt. Kim Chandler agreed it was distressing to see the resident’s trash was not properly secured.

“It makes for cool video. Is that a cool thing? No, it’s not,” Chandler told KIRO-TV. “Immediately when I saw that video I see a closed garage door and the garbage can outside that closed garage door.”

A resident commenting on the Bear Smart Facebook post said the video was filmed outside of his home.

The resident thanked group founder Nadine Drisseq for visiting his home and discussing bear safety after the video emerged online.

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