Researcher shocks onlookers by tackling massive wild snake

LOS AMIGOS BIOLOGICAL STATION, Peru, June 24 (UPI) — A wildlife researcher at a station in Peru shocked her colleagues by running after a 6-foot snake and tackling the serpent before it could flee into the woods.

The video, recorded May 30 at the Los Amigos Biological Station in Peru, shows a 6-foot yellow tailed cribo slithering toward some trees while a group of people watch and film.

Researcher Renata Leite Pitman suddenly runs into frame and tackles the snake before it can disappear into the woods.

Pitman’s actions elicit panicked shouts of “What are you doing?” from onlookers.

The woman drags the snake into the field and pins it down on the ground while her colleagues laugh at the scene.

“You are insane!” a woman’s voice shouts.

“Get him, girl! Get him! Holy [expletive],” another woman says.


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