Foul fowl: Canada goose ‘bullying’ hospital worker every day in the parking lot

LONDON, Ontario, June 24 (UPI) — An Ontario woman who was repeatedly attacked by a territorial goose in a parking lot captured video as evidence of the bird’s “bullying” behavior.

The woman, who works at Parkwood Hospital in London, said the Canada goose waits for her every day in the parking lot and gives chase when she arrives.

The goose’s victim captured video of her encounter with the aggressive avian June 8.

The woman barely tells the goose, “No, you ain’t coming for me,” right before the goose proves her wrong by giving chase.

“I didn’t do anything to you, man!” she says while fleeing.

The goose appears to give up the chase a few times, but always advances toward the woman when she stops running.

“You’re not going to intimidate me,” the woman says, as the goose does just that by flapping its wings and flying toward the woman, causing her to scream and run.

The woman eventually puts enough distance between herself and the goose that she is safe from its attacks, but she comments that the saga is likely to continue the next day.

“There is a Canada goose that has been bullying me,” the woman wrote online. “For many days it chased me to the backdoor of my workplace and I didn’t videotape it. I decided to videotape it this day so I had video evidence of my bully and the attack.”

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