Sanders: ‘Never lose your sense of outrage’

NEW YORK, June 24 (UPI) — Sen. Bernie Sanders vowed to supporters Thursday he would continue his fight to move his party and his country to the left despite his failed presidential campaign, because “political and social revolutions continue.”

Sanders told a crowd at New York City’s Town Hall venue “Our goal from day one has been transform this nation …And that is the fight we are going to continue.”

Sanders warned that change can’t happen if people get complacent.

“Never ever lose your sense of outrage,” Sanders said. The Vermont senator was in New York as part of a trip around the country to help progressive candidates.

“We’re going to go all over this country because that is what the political revolution is about,” he told the large, boisterous crowd. “It is millions of people getting involved in the political process in a way that has never been seen in the modern history of this country.”

Sanders has continued to urge people to get involved and run for office. In turn, about 20,000 people have sought information on doing so from Sanders website.

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