North Korea issued order to stockpile war reserve material, document shows

SEOUL, June 23 (UPI) — Kim Jong Un has ordered the stockpiling of war reserve material as sanctions take a toll on North Korea‘s military.

The South Korea-based defector organization North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity presented a document that appeared to be of North Korean origin on Thursday that included commands from Kim Jong Un that are responses to “difficulties.”

The document titled “Korean Workers’ Party Central Military Commission Ordinance No. 00178 – Stockpiling war reserve material in the face of U.N. sanctions” was issued May 20, according to the group.

The document stated “U.S. imperialists and world reactionaries” are trying to “suffocate” North Korea by mobilizing the “rubber-stamp” United Nations and strengthening economic sanctions.

The embargoes are posing serious challenges to North Korea’s food supply and crude oil reserves, according to the state report.

“Building up war reserve material is to completely accomplish the aims of our Byungjin policy pursuing both nuclear and economic development, and an important collateral for sweeping out the U.S. imperialists and South Korea puppet traitors for the great achievement of fatherland unification,” the document read, according to South Korean news service Newsis.

The primary materials are a prerequisite for victory in the battle with the enemy, North Korea stated.

Various branches of the North Korean military should designate 5 to 10 percent of all its regular supplies and materials for the reserves, the ordinance also stated.

“The regime is experiencing major hardships distributing commodities such as food and crude oil to our citizens,” the statement read, according to Yonhap.

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