Birds of prey steal underwear from UK swimmers

KIRRIEMUIR, Scotland, June 23 (UPI) — Birds of prey in Scotland have been stealing underwear from local swimmers, according to reports from a wildlife organization.

Angus Glens Moorland Group shared photos of several birds of prey as they explained that the birds have continued their habits of snatching clothing from a popular wild swimming spot nearby to line their nests.

Gamekeeper Dave Clement found a pair of red kites last year lining their nest on his estate at Gannochy with stolen pants, and noticed this year that they’d decided to use underwear.

“It seems they will take anything to line the nest, then lay the eggs on top, and someone must have gone home minus some underwear,” Clement said.

The underwear theft appears to be benefiting the rare species of birds as Clement noted an increase in chicks in their nest from the previous year.

“It is clearly working because a nest is very successful,” he said. “Last year there were two chicks, now it’s four, and there is clearly plenty of food for them on the estate.”

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