Kanye West Is Feeling The Heat — And The Wind In His Cheesy T-Shirt

Posted on Wed Jun 22nd, 2016 2:25pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Kanye West is soaring high with the bald eagle shirt of his!

Los Angeles is getting some major temperatures — and instead of feeling the heat, Yeezy is trying to “feel the wind” — or at least that’s what his cheesy t-shirt makes us believe!

Wearing an in-your-face shirt with a bald eagle, lightning bolts and the words “Feel The Wind” emblazoned on it, the snarling star arrived at his office in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon.

Wanna know more about that shirt? Us too! Well from what we gathered, it’s a 1994 Vintage Daytona Beach shirt (obviously with the words “Feel The Wind” on it). This looks more like what a ’90s hair rocker would wear than Kim Kardashian’s style obsessed with hubby — but the man is a wild card!

In addition to the electrifying shirt, the rapper donned some Acne Studios Ace Used Cash Jeans and Adidas Ultra Boost OG Black Gold sneakers.

Armed with his Mac computer, Nori and Saint’s hard-working daddy looked geared up for business as he headed into the office.

We wonder what Kimmy K thinks of this style selection?!

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