Alabama woman touches ‘mean’ snake’s tail, learns a lesson

MONTGOMERY, Ala., June 22 (UPI) — A fearless Alabama woman filming her encounter with a snake decided to touch the serpent’s tail, leading the snake to retaliate by attacking her phone.

YouTuber Brian Lucas posted a video to the website Tuesday purporting to show a friend’s mother “messing around” with a snake she found in the grass.

The woman speaks to the snake as she films it with her phone.

“Hey Mr. Snake,” the woman says, “you’re a long boy — that’s the snakeskin we saw! It was yours, huh?”

Lucas’ friend’s mom then states her ill-advised plan: “I’m gonna touch you on the tail and see what you do.”

The snake responds to the woman’s touch by coiling it’s body and staring her down.

“Whoa, you’re mean,” the woman says. “Are you a bad snake?”

The snake, as if in answer to the woman’s question, strikes quickly, causing the woman to scream and drop her phone.

“He bit — he bit at my phone,” the woman says, while carefully swatting her phone away from the snake so she can pick it back up.

“Boy, that’s gonna be a good one,” she says. “You’re a mean snake, ain’t you? Look at you! Whoa!”

Viewers on Reddit said the serpent in the video appears to be a non-venomous gray rat snake.

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