Man escapes Russian prison by squeezing through tiny window

IZBERBASH, Russia, June 20 (UPI) — A suspect nicknamed “snake man” was recorded by CCTV cameras escaping a Russian prison cell by squeezing his body through a tiny food delivery window.

Authorities said robbery suspect Rustam Shakhrutdinov, 25, was recorded by security cameras Saturday squeezing his body through the small window of his cell at the prison in the southwestern city of Izberbash.

The shirtless man loses his underwear while squeezing through the small space and dresses himself in the hallway before fleeing.

Shakhrutdinov’s escape earned him the nickname “snake man” in Russian media.

Social media users compared Shakhrutdinov’s escape to the extra-normal abilities of a villain from “Squeeze,” a first season episode of sci-fi TV series The X-Files.

It was unclear whether Shakhrutdinov was recaptured by police.

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