Islamic State threatens U.S. bases in South Korea

SEOUL, June 20 (UPI) — The Islamic State has detailed information on dozens of U.S. military facilities around the world, including in South Korea, according to Seoul’s intelligence agency.

The National Intelligence Service said Sunday the group also known as Daesh, ISIS and ISIL has encouraged its followers to launch attacks on the bases, CNN reported.

The list includes military headquarters belong to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In South Korea, civilians are being targeted, Seoul’s spy agency stated.

U.S. Forces Korea stated on Monday the security of U.S. military installations is a top priority.

“Through constant vigilance and regular exercises with our South Korean counterparts, we remain prepared to respond at any time to any emerging threats,” USFK said in a statement.

Four of the military bases on the list of IS targets are located in South Korea. They include detailed map coordinates and satellite images from Google Maps of U.S. Air Force bases in Osan and Gunsan, Voice of America reported.

South Korean joint chiefs of staff spokesman Jeon Ha-gyu said Seoul will provide support if the United States requests cooperation with the Combined Forces Command.

IS is also targeting individuals directly.

A South Korean national who works at a welfare organization was on the list the group released publicly.

Seoul said the IS’ hacking arm, the United Cyber Caliphate, collected the information on the U.S. bases.

In November, South Korea arrested an Indonesian man for supporting another organization, the al-Nusra Front in Syria.

The al-Qaida affiliated group has waged a war against the Syrian government but reportedly split with IS in 2013.

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